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Our services

  • Email us from our Contact page with your business contact information, industry and the best time to contact you. Also include your market area - where you advertise, receive your referrals from and possible business expansion plans.
  • We will check available numbers & market area availability and then contact you by phone.
  • After choosing your market area, we will provide you pricing as well as payment options (annual, quarterly, or monthly billing).
  • We will then email you a completed Exclusive Licensing Agreement that you will sign and return to us via fax or email. This is when you choose your username and pass code for online access to your call reporting and other features.
  • We will usually have your toll-free phone number activated within an hour. It can be setup to ring to your main office line, cell phone or any other number you choose. If you have multiple offices, calls can be routed to the closest office.
  • Shortly thereafter, you will receive an email from us with online call reporting instructions.
  • Only after you're account is active do you provide payment via credit card or check-by-fax.

Market area pricing depends on your toll-free number and the size of your market area, Some clients select a county or counties as their market area while others choose to license one or more states, We try our best to work within your budget to achieve your goals. Market areas start out at just $195 annually.

Customized Toll-Free Number Benefits

  • RATE-PROTECTED Ownership is Key — Ownership is exclusive. Only one business or practice in each market area will benefit from this brand-building asset – AND YOUR RATE WILL NEVER INCREASE!
  • Increased Response to Ads — Companies which incorporate custom toll-free numbers in their marketing materials and advertising campaigns report that response rates increase by as much as 30 percent.
  • Maximize Referrals — When customers, patients or clients can easily remember your telephone number, your referrals will increase. Otherwise, those referred will be forced to reference the Internet where you stand a greater chance of losing them to your competition. Do you remember your doctor’s telephone number?
  • Easy to Remember — True vanity numbers are far easier to remember than all other numbers. Consumers are up to 14 times more likely to remember a vanity number than a numeric number, and calls continue to come in months after a campaign ends.
  • Signage “Rules” — Generic signage does not capitalize on valuable real estate. Include your easy-to-remember vanity number on your signage and your business can significantly increase. For example, reports show the average orthodontist starts approximately 200 new patients annually. With 1-800-4BRACESSM, orthodontists who boldly include the number on their office signage, start on average, 513 new patients annually.
  • Call Tracking — NRMG’s service comes inclusive with call recording and real time online call tracking reports. You can download and analyze the results of your advertising campaigns and construct follow-up efforts to increase overall advertising effectiveness.
  • Call Recording — NRMG’s toll-free service comes inclusive with call recording. Call recording helps to ensure the very best in customer service. Call recording may be turned on or off at the option of the licensee.
  • Overcomes Area Code Confusion — New area codes continue to be introduced in cities and states around the country, leaving millions of people confused regarding dialing patterns. The use of toll-free numbers guarantees that callers responding to your ads will reach your office, regardless of future area code changes.
  • Confirms Customer Service Loyalty — Customer Service has become a focal point to consumers. Exceed your competitor’s level of customer service with the availability of toll-free telephone service, which demonstrates a commitment to consumer needs.
  • Cost Effective — The added value obtained from the increased effectiveness of your referrals, signage and overall advertising effectiveness far outweighs the incremental cost of owning your own toll-free number. 
  • Prestige — Consumers associate custom toll-free number advertisers with companies which meet the highest standards for quality and customer service — AT&T® (800-CALL-ATT), Federal Express® (800-GO-FED-EX), 1-800-CONTACTSSM, 1-800-PetMedsSM and Toyota® (877-MY-TOYOTA) to name a few.
  • Business Climates — Business climates are cyclical. Brand your business or practice now, along with your Point-of-Contact (your custom toll-free number), and excel during favorable economic times while maintaining a competitive advantage throughout economic downturns.
  • Have A Long-Term Vision For Your Business or Practice— Plan for the long-term. And when you do finally sell your business, practice or decide to retire, remember, because you own your branded license rights, you have an asset. The license rights to your toll-free number may be sold with your business or practice or can be sold separately. You keep the proceeds while the new owners simply pay the same annual license and usage fees. 

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